Using the Range Attribute With Decimal or DateTime

15 Jun

Learned something cool about System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.RangeAttribute today – it can actually be used with any type. It only includes numeric constructors for Int32 and Double, which are probably the two most common uses, but it also includes a constructor that takes a type and two string as parameters:

public RangeAttribute(
  Type type,
  string minimum,
  string maximum

The one caveat is that the type must implement the IComparable interface. Typically you wouldn’t be using the Range attribute to decorate a custom type, but as long as your type implemented IComparable, you’d be just fine. However, in today’s scenario we were just trying to validate a Decimal value in a model in an MVC2 application. Our solution looked something like this:

[Range(typeof(Decimal),"0", "9999999")]
public decimal Rate { get; set; }

The downside is that the minimum and maximum values have to be passed as strings, but since they have to be constants anyway (to work with the attribute). that’s not much of a setback. This can also easily be used with dates as well – just be sure to write the date in a usable format.

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